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Your trusted partner in social media excellence. With a focus on practical solutions and measurable results, we’re here to elevate your online presence without the fluff. Through thoughtful strategies and customized approaches, we’ll help your brand stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Join us and experience the simplicity of effective social media management.

Our Social Media Services

Facebook Ads

We specialize in Facebook advertising that gets results. We build customized campaigns tailored for your business. From engaging ad designs to precise audience targeting, we're here to ensure your message reaches the right people in your local market.

Instagram Ads

Our targeted campaigns leverage the platform's visual allure and user engagement to drive results. From harnessing advanced audience insights to crafting visually stunning creatives, we're equipped to optimize your presence and ROI on Instagram.

Messenger Ads

Harness Messenger's dynamic features to engage prospects and drive lead generation effectively. With targeted messaging and strategic placement, Messenger Ads offer a valuable opportunity to enhance your marketing funnel and achieve your lead generation objectives.

Audience Network

Diversify your ad placements and maximize your reach with Audience Network integration. Seamlessly extend your campaigns beyond Facebook and Instagram to reach users across a vast network of partner apps and websites.

Ad Campaign by Business Type

1. Ad Campaign for E-commerce Business

When we run an ad for an e-commerce store we mainly focus on product selling strategy. We like to run only those ads which show products and take you to the checkout page.
We also run some brand awareness and engagement ads that increase our organic reach.
We also retarget the website visitors who visited our website but have not purchased yet, so that they also become our customers in the future.

2. Ad Campaign for Service Business

In this situation, our main focus becomes collecting more leads, so we run only lead-generating ads. We also run some brand awareness ads for more organic reach in the future.
We also run a lot of retargeting ads because the customers of the service business are high-ticket items. So they need more attention before converting.

Our Work Process

Invite team members to place, track & manage orders with you.

Select Goals

After getting all the information from you we will make our marketing strategy and goal. Typically we run multiple ads step by step to achieve a single goal and it takes more than one month.

Setup Tracking Tools

In this stage, we set up Meta Pixel on your website so that we can track and retarget your website audience on Facebook and Instagram. It will help us to convert your website’s non-converting visitors to customers.

Setup Ad Campaigns

In this stage, we set up and run your Meta ads. To set up the ad we will need to know about your targeted audience, their age, interest, their location, the full copy, images, videos, etc.

Optimize Ads

After some days we will start optimizing your ad, like changing images or videos or doing some AB testing, removing a specific audience, etc.

We have everything you need to manage and grow your online presence.

Experience the seamless process of working with SMBZilla for your advertising needs. From consultation to execution, we collaborate closely with you to tailor strategies that align with your goals. With transparent communication and regular updates, you’re always informed and involved. Trust in our expertise to drive results and grow your brand. Partner with SMBZilla for a rewarding advertising journey.

Read Most Frequent Questions

Yes, we do. Youtube ads fall under Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


It is a tricky question. It depends on the industry and competition. But to simplify the answer, we will say, you should spend at least 10 USD per day


There is no exact duration of a marketing campaign, but you need at least 1 month to come to a conclusion. If the campaign looks profitable then you can continue with the campaign, and if it looks not that profitable, you can stop the ad. 


Yes definitely. It’s worth it because it costs really less and you can target a very specific type of audience. So for that reason, it is very popular in small and medium businesses. Now big businesses are also taking advantage of it.